Aesthetic medicine is the art and science of beauty. Helping someone improve their skin and appearance can have lasting effects on self-esteem confidence and health choices. Likewise, skin problems can often be an “ indicator light” that there are health issues within the person, particularly diet, health and gut issues. Addressing a person’s skin issues can address the health of the whole person.

Dr Terri Labberton is a highly skilled medical aesthetic doctor with over ten years of experience.  She also trains other doctors and nurses to provide aesthetic services through workshops through out Australia. She provide medical aesthetics treatments using anti-wrinkle injections that can help to relax facial muscles and lines of expression as well as dermal fillers which help to revolumise an ageing face or enhance a younger face. Her specialty is in maintaining a naturally healthy look in her patients, recapturing and enhancing their own inherent beauty.

About Dr Terri Labberton

Medical Director, General Practitioner, Aesthetic Physician and Integrative Medical Practitioner.

Dr Terri Labberton has been a medical practitioner for over 25 years. She graduated from the University of Newcastle Medical School with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1990 and completed her General Practice training in 1996.

During her early years in medicine, she developed a broad experience in remote and rural general practice, aboriginal health, family planning and women’s health.  In 2000, Dr Labberton developed a keen interest in the integration of complementary and alternative medicines with conventional medicine. She undertook several training courses and workshops in the areas of Nutritional and Integrative Medicine as well as the use of Bioidentical Hormones, implementing them into her General Practice.

After the birth of her twin daughters, Terri experienced first hand the motivational effect that facial treatments can have on wellbeing and confidence. Subsequently, in 2006 she made the move from General Practice to train in Aesthetic Medicine. She has found the move to Aesthetic Medicine incredibly rewarding and has seen this work can have a profound impact on her patients’ quality of life.


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